Monday, March 19, 2012

A recent comment to our blog prompted this reply from our association's Vice President, Dan Whitney.  Worker Bee 
"The demand for honey has increased steadily for several decades, thanks to good promotion from the National Honey Board. Unfortunately, with the decreases in colony production,  number of colonies,  and a lack of new beekeepers,  the United States can only produce 1/2  of all honey consumed annually.  The difference must come from other sources.

In answer to your question;  if you want to be sure its pure, local, or MN honey, read the label.   Buy from a local producer.  Or look for the MN Grown label.  MN produces excellent table grade honey.  I am sure you will be pleased with a 100% Mn product.

Almost every town in Mn has a local beekeeper.   In a few months we should have a list of producers on this website.   Check back."
Dan Whitney
v.p. MHPA

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello Everyone and welcome to the MHPA Blog! We've recently launched our new website and can't be more excited about the potential to provide ongoing information and updates to our supporters with our new Blog!

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